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MH Dealer Finance Contacts
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Offices accepting retail finance applications through MH dealers

1st Alliance Mortgage 303-554-9006 [email protected] Chuck Wilson
Accepted Mortgage Group 502 212 5181 [email protected] Brad Smith
Advantage Homes - 2 408 850 6565 [email protected] Frank H. Solomon
Bates Mortgage 228 868 5636 [email protected] Sharon Bates
Capital Mortgage 909 230 9215 [email protected] Vernon S. Stockdale
Central Point Lending 888-665-0409 [email protected] Colleen Schlosser
CFIC Home Mortgage 479-957-1652 [email protected] Richard Kendrick
Columbia Funding 360-903-7601 [email protected] Ron Hgher
Countrywide Home Loans 210 490 5099 [email protected] Larry Levin
Country Place Mortgage 800-228-1828 [email protected] Debra Goodman
Crossroads Lending, Llc 303 343 9100 [email protected] Lois Annette Philman
Double C Partners 210 286 6154 [email protected] John W. Coates
Georgia Prime Mortgage, Inc. 912 764 8610 [email protected] Charles B. Altman
GMH Financial 303 933 7092 [email protected] Gary Helms
Great Lakes Mortgage Company 231-347-5126 [email protected] Mark T. Gardner
HLR Mortgage Consulting 813 929 6599 Linda O'Neal
Home Choice Mortgage, Inc. 360-709-9191 [email protected] Brett Pierce
K. Angell, Inc. 801-262-3337 [email protected] Kelly Angell
Manufactured Solutions 253 312 3866 [email protected] Jim Collman
Monterey Bay Financial 888-247-8272  ex 6722 [email protected] Benjamin Zuniga
Mortgage Express, Inc. 800 332 4397 [email protected] Jeffery Roothlisberger
NFL Finance 330-938-3244 [email protected] Bradford W. Morgan
Pacific Guarantee Mortgage 877 874 5060 x224 [email protected] Tony Ziewied
Premier Commercial Bank 866 489 5363 [email protected] David Busch
Randell Mtg. Service Of America 614-923-7403 [email protected] Randell Shepherd
Shields Investment 724 424 1900 [email protected] Terry Shields
Shore Mortgage 800 760 3128 EXT 4747 [email protected] Catherine F. Hills
Sign And Close, Inc. 909 980 8550 X305 [email protected] Heidi E. Stoltz Feringa
Southwest Funding 214-215-8216 [email protected] John P. McQuade
Sterling Mortgage Corporation 602 230 9882 [email protected] Jon Laird
The Emery Group 503-675-0475 [email protected] Harris Emery
Trust Home Lending 253-770-9850 [email protected] Michael Hale
Umbach Mortgage 888-437-4937 [email protected] Jason C. Hamilton
Western Finance 800-418-9743 [email protected] Richard Stewart
Windsor Capital Mortgage 800-915-4006 X 200 [email protected] Rob Janssen

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